Pictured: Sean Allen-Hermanson, Marilynn Johnson, Anton Killin (left to right)

Sean Allen-Hermanson is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Florida International University in Miami, specializing in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Much of his work is on animal consciousness including articles on bees, monkeys, bats, and fish, though he also publishes in the areas of the metaphysics of mind, introspection, implicit bias, and human nature.

Marilynn Johnson is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Florida International University project for the study of philosophy and archaeology. She received her PhD from the Department of Philosophy at the Graduate Center, City University of New York in August 2017. She works primarily in philosophy of archaeology, philosophy of language, and aesthetics. Her dissertation, Meaning Through Things, was awarded the 2016-2017 American Society for Aesthetics Dissertation Fellowship and a 2016-2017 Interdisciplinary Committee for Science Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowship. Her most recent article, “Seeking Speaker Meaning in the Archaeological Record” was published in Biological Theory.

Anton Killin is a postdoctoral research fellow working on the intersection of philosophy of the arts and philosophy of the sciences. In particular he is interested in philosophy of music, theories of the evolution of music, and connections between music and language.

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